CLS sets appointments for your sales team to meet with pre- qualified leads. We ease up the workload of your sales team so they can concentrate on closing the deal with those companies who are accepting proposals.

With CLS, you will build your account base with access to more sales leads. We manage your marketing program for you in a professional manner, freeing up your time to concentrate on other aspects of operations.

Use CLS to keep up a consistent marketing program. With our extensive databases of commercial building managers our customers have access to key decision makers within their specific industry. We contact these leads on their behalf and set appointments, find out when they will be accepting proposals and offer to send out company information.

Build your company’s recognition in the marketplace by branding your company name. With continuous telemarketing and direct mail programs you will get your company name known and recognized throughout your industry.

CLS works with each new customer to develop a highly effective and professional telemarketing script that is specific to their needs. We place calls exclusively on their behalf to managers of commercial buildings. We make sure these properties meet the specific criteria of size, region and type of each particular client. Our ultimate goal is to set appointments for our clients with managers of properties taking proposals. If nothing is planned we offer information and follow-up as needed until we set an appointment. CLS takes on the responsibility of tracking all of the leads until an appointment is set.

CLS thoroughly trains and supervises the telemarketer assigned to each account to establish the most professional representation of each company. Each representative also has a profile on the company they call for so common questions asked by prospects can be addressed in a professional manner.

Our mission is to provide our clients with consistent and professional telemarketing services at an affordable rate. Our goal is to establish each client as one of the leaders in their industry